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Threely Dimensions (New York, USA, and Delhi, India) engages in the development of financial technology and blockchain-based application solutions designed for enterprises, financial institutions, and consumers. Threely Dimensions has an extensive background in internet technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence, fintech, co-op banking, and compliance. We aim for innovation not only in technology but also in the way we approach every aspect of our business.


The company’s portfolio of products and services includes Threely and eSocietyBazaar.

Threely is on a mission to make Web3 accessible to all. Threely, an infrastructure company, makes the Web3 space intuitive, hassle-free, and accessible to anybody through its suite of B2B2C solutions and products. (Threely Dimensions Inc., USA)


eSocietyBazaar - eSocietyBazaar is an all-in-one aggregating portal that seamlessly connects Cooperative Societies to end-users & service providers. End Users, along with societies, can take advantage of the Online Payment Facilities which eSocietyBazaar automatically provides to listed cooperative societies. eSocietyBazaar has all the types of cooperative societies with all the latest components for its end users to choose from and start Investing. (Threely Dimensions LLP, India)

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Threely Dimensions is excited about the future of the internet and its place in it. We are enthusiastic about diving deep into the latest technologies of our generation because using bleeding-edge technologies is challenging but rewarding work. Our team is profoundly innovative, motivated, and curious, with a global reach and a unique opportunity to shape the future.